Rhodesian Ridgebacks

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Dogs of our Line                    


This page is dedicated to those dogs we've bred and sent to other breeders and fanciers.  Some have accomplished great things -- all of them (and their owners) have made us proud.


Congratulations to Argos!                        

Canada's No. 1 Rhodesian Ridgeback for 2007- 2009!                     


It's official.  When the dust settled, Argos earned the top honor               

for Ridgebacks in Canada.  Argos  was expertly exhibited            

 by Lance Poehlke, and maintained in excellent                  

condition by co-owner Kirsi Larjava.                     

The Poehlkes and Larjavas all deserve thundering applause.                     





BIS BISS American/Canadian CH HPK-Tropaco                 

Troyan Argos of Coso, CGN, Am jc                     

CH. Jubalee's Lonestar Over Kei River, JC x CH Tropaco Ecco Domani of HPK, J                             

Owned by:  Kirsi Larjava and Lance & Deb Poehlke (Coso RRs)                           




In our haste to get the new site up and running, we haven't yet had time to assemble pictures and add other dogs.  Check back often to see new additions!


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